- a space saving solution for all places where illumination with small built-in measurements is needed

Economical CCFL-technology. The ideal illuminant for exhibition and trade fair assembler based on cold cathode tubes.

Minilux series convinces by its extremely consolidated measurements additionally to its easy handling. Its extraordinary price-performance ratio at a high quality standard and nearly endless applications turned Minilux rapidly to one of the most favourite lighting solutions on the market.

The basic principle of Minilux itself is really simple: long-life cold cathode lamps (CCFL) are encased by an acrylic or glass profile.

One sided or two sided cable outlets in an 90° angle, straight or with a handy 5-way-outlet. The input connections are equipped with a system connector for the adequate inverter. Some types of Minilux are already manufactured with an internal micro inverter or even a micro power supply.

All other models can be driven solitary or pairwise with an inverter. Electrical drivers, adequate cable systems, brackets and a lot more accessories are also available.

Different sizes, colours and colour temperatures are also deliverable. Specially designed models modified to your wishes are also possible. Please ask for further information about this if you are interested.

Informationsmaterial, technische Daten und Preislisten zum Download finden Sie hier.


  • space saving
  • high brightness
  • simple mounting
  • specially designed models available


Minilux recommends itself for countless applications and upgrades existing solutions by far.

ulinary manufacturers, exhibition and trade fair assemblers, shop fitter, carpenter and yacht supplier are benefiting already from Minilux wide arrange of design and size.

Technical Data

red, blue, green, white
colour temperature:
3.500 / 6.500°K
angle of radiation:
110 - 360°
265 - 730mm

For further details about our Minilux series please go to our for the download area for the according PDF.